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Susan Hart

Published February 6th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Shifting Around, is a funny and erotic story about a man who finds himself changed into a dog and loving every minute of it until a woman sees him, hears him talking, and then decides to help when he ends up naked in the public park.Monster On Your Mistress, is a quirky story about a woman who has almost everything, except her lover -- who’s always running off somewhere for days at a time. She knows he’s not with his wife and she gets lonely rustling around in her big, country, luxury home. One night she is locked out of her house while investigating strange noises in the woods, and what follows is something she would never have imagined in her wildest sexual fantasies.Shifty Sex, is a story about a shapes shifter who hasn’t told his girlfriend yet about his ability to change his form every month or so, most of the time unwillingly. When they are making love he starts to transform even though he’s trying his hardest not to, and when this lover turns on the light she is, naturally, horrified. Who would want a bunch of scales and green slime to get in the way?Shifter, is about one woman with a sexual preference for young men. When she starts out on her jog one morning, she notices an attractive older man moving into the neighborhood. He smiles at her, and later, as she’s showering, she hears the doorbell ringing. He’s locked himself out and needs to use her phone. She uses the opportunity to get to know him better. Much better.On The Prowl, is a story about a woman exploring the jungles of South America, listening to its stories, when one day she falls into a pit and is unable to get out. The next morning there’s a log been pushed over the side so she climbs out, looks around, and all she can see is flashes of shiny black fur following her in the dense foliage lining her pathway. Suddenly, she confronts a charismatic and handsome naked man and then another, and things get far more exotic after that.