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Sojourner Loran Daniels


Loran Daniels

Published October 8th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Karen Parker lost her husband to cancer. Her sons, Tommy and Paul, lost their father. To survive, Karen has moved Tommy and Paul from their farm in Kansas to Cleveland. Here Karen has a job and hopes to rebuild her life. However, events in Cleveland sweep Tommy and Karen into a treacherous new world.Tommy and Paul did not understand the dangers of the city when they venture into the night where a savage drug dealer corners the boys in a dark alley. A mysterious stranger appears drawing the thugs to himself and allowing the brothers escape. The stranger left to die in the street. If not for Tommy’s 911 call, his encounter with the mystery man may have ended that night.As doctors fight to save the Samaritan in surgery, a discovery causes the hospital to be sealed. Now, Tommy has gone missing and so has the man that saved him.Karen Parker is determined to find her son, but she has serious problems, because people want the mystery man dead and one of them is the President of the United States. Overwhelmed by the forces against her, Karen needs a miracle to see Tommy alive again. The only person that can help is Sam Henry. But Sam Henry destroyed Karens career and her courage. Can Karen overcome her fear and save her son?