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Frank Rawlins

Published February 25th 2010
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Take a pinch of Morse, a dash of Lewis, a spoonful of Hathaway ... and there you have Norm. Norman Philip Ducker, Oxfords latest detective. Science, cosmology, religion, and the mathematics of chaos fascinate him. So do football, rugby, motor racing, and the art of winning. But he still cant get his head round opera or poetry or Doris Lessing. He likes rock and pop- he drinks lager as well as real ale- he uses public transport, except when he borrows his girlfriends little Ford Ka. But he does like crosswords. Norman Philip Ducker is far from the norm. Especially where law and order is concerned. For a start, hes not even a policeman ... This is the story of how he battles his bosses and political correctness to play a key part in unravelling a complicated web of murder. Its also a closely-observed human drama and a moving love story.