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Tales of New America Gunther Roosevelt

Tales of New America

Gunther Roosevelt

Published July 14th 2013
ISBN : 9781491000847
242 pages
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 About the Book 

Twenty-three stories set in the future 20 - 50 years from now when America has fallen apart economically, socially, and racially. The Federal Government loses control as revenue dwindles, and poverty spreads. To survive, States begin forming autonomous regions amidst the disintegration.Emerging from the disorder, Northern Mountain States of the west gradually form a New American Republic, de facto at first, finally in law, as it becomes a bastion of prosperity and a crucible of liberty. A religious and martial people arise with a will to reclaim ruined western States lost to invaders, oligarchs, and degradation.Controversial and provocative, Tales of New America presents a pastiche of the new American patriots over a period of time, forming a grand mosaic of a national saga in the restoration of freedom, responsibility, and limited government.In this volume, America’s present conflicts and difficulties lead to a a chaos resolving into a stepping stone to a new era of hope and human achievement, while fearlessly confronting the many evils and follies of a broken world mad with political and financial schemes gone haywire.Out of the ashes of a self-destroyed USA, the New American Republic is born in hope and blood.