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Oswald the Owl Patrick Garland

Oswald the Owl

Patrick Garland

Published 1990
ISBN : 9781856190244
60 pages
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 About the Book 

The Owl, the urban fox and the stage-rate live in the deep seclusion and hidden thickets of the ancient forest of Andredswald. But, when the Great Blow if 1987 tears away their secret refuge, they are forced to evacuate their home. For Winston, the urban fox, street-wise and adaptable, the busy streets of Regnum, a cathedral city in West Sussex, are no hardship, but for the silent-winged-owl and his even more taciturn companion Ratty (who was taught to say only two phrases) the new environment presents an awesome problem. They take up residence in Paradise, which is the old burying ground of the great Cathedral - and one night, when the verger accidentally leaves open the South Door leading into the Cloisters, the owl, with Ratty on his shoulders, flies in.