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Ragnorks 7: The Search Begins (Ragnorks 7 Book 1) T. D Sheikh

Ragnorks 7: The Search Begins (Ragnorks 7 Book 1)

T. D Sheikh

Published October 30th 2012
Kindle Edition
198 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Every generation destiny is thrust upon a very special unsuspecting child who will bear the responsibility of being the saviour for the lands of Ette. However there are times when destiny is wrong and that child becomes a force of evil. This is exactly what happened to Eirhual when he became a young man, not wanting his reign of his linage to ever end- he cast a very powerful spell which would bewitch every first born in his family to take up the mantle when the predecessor perished. Although as time went on, Lord Akakois, the descendant of Eirhual had his power locked away. Unable to use this power, Monks of a secret order known as the Order of Orin plotted to steal the source of his power in case he somehow managed to unlock its secret one day. The source of this great power came from a book, known as the Book of Origin was created by a very powerful wizard known as Myron many decades ago. After a tremendous accomplishment of the theft of this book, the Order had no choice but to do the impossible. They sent a willing Monk into the future to seek of the next true saviour who would be able to be the hero they all have been seeking and stop Akakois’s reign of tyranny.